68-Years Old Mother Chased By His Two Sons To Inherit Their Late Father's Westlands Land Speaks Out, As New Details Emerge

A 68 Years Old Mother Janet Kalemenu has opened up for 2 years she has been living in cold and pain after his two sons Mbugua Kalemenu and Kimani Kalemenu forced her to flee from her 4 acres land located in Westlands Nairobi after the death of her hubby Kalemenu in 2022.

Janet has explained that a week after she buried her Husband, she was shocked after receiving eviction letter from her real children and later threats.

"After burying my husband, what followed next was an eviction letter signed by my son's. Later they started sending life threats should I take the matter to the police. Infact even they did send me 3 men of the popular mungiki sect......CONTINUE READING

It was sad to see this happen to me later in a week....CONTINUE READING