Most Feared Eastleigh Tycoon Narrates Shocking Details About His Billions, Reveals Why Kenyans Should Fear Him

A tycoon living in Eastleigh has opened up on the amount of billions he is worth as of currebt dollar exchange rate disclosing why Kenyans should fear him as new details emerge.

Speaking, Hamud Ali Bakar has informed live on Channel 28 TV that he is rich and does not flaunt about his worth wealth but going by the recent happenings around his business its now time he sent a warning to those Kenyans who think they can take advantage of anyone else sweat to enrich themselves.

Hamud has said that, growing up from a loyal family has made him humbled even when rich revealing that he is worth Ksh 1.4 Billion.

Mr Hamud has said that hehas invested much on Businesses, Petroleum and Real Estates extending that he has all evidence of where he acquired his wealth from to the billionaire he is today.

Mr Hamud has said " I came into Nairobi in the year 2019 in search of a Job, I suffered alot trying Mjengo until one day I came across a poster penned -Unatafuta Kazi na Hupati, Unatafuta Pesa na Hupati, Unataka Kuanza Biashara na Huna Pesa-Pigia Daktari Mugwenu kutumia Nambari 0740637248.

At first I thought it was a Joke, I assumed the writing seeing they addressed the challenges I went through. However, I could not evade the writing as that was my daily route to where I went for Mjengo."

"I decided to give a shot. I said it would be better if I called, and upon my phone being received, I talked to Dr Mugwenu explaining to him all my problems. He listened , I had no Money- through his Money Spells I got money, I had no Business-through his Business Spells I started my first business in a span of not less than a month. My life changed to the person I am today."

Hamud has said that he ensures that no one intrudes to his business go unpunished and that he has with him the protection spells from Dr Mugwenu.

"I urge all Kenyans and everyone to contact Dr Mugwenu who has a solution to what you are facing through. He will help you out if you call 0740637248."