Bibi Alikuwa Ananinyima Kila Siku, Siku Izi Napewa Hadi Nafurahi, Kenyan Politician Expresses his Joy After What The wife Has Been Doing at Bed

My wife has become a slave to this thing that once used to be three inches; now, it is 6.5 inches. Sometimes I feel it is too big, but my wife tells me “babe, I just like it that way, it fills me up well”. Thanks, Mugwenu Doctors, for this Omushalazi.
A Kenyan politician who once received bad publicity after being beaten by his wife has narrated to us the event of how it all happened and how he managed to salvage his marriage.

The MP, whose identity we will conceal for obvious reasons, says that it is indeed true his wife beat him on several occasions, though he always denied the claims.

“It is true she used to beat me. But I could always refute the claims for optics. I was ashamed. You know, when you are powerful in the national assembly, people listen to you, but back at home, it is said that you are always being beaten; I could not let that be known. I could not confess, lest you lose your authority in the House.
But now, I have manned up. I am no longer ashamed after I found a permanent solution to our marital problems. The problems all started in the bedroom, and I was the one at fault. That is why I did not even file complaints against her,” he narrated.

Kitambi and weight messed up my bedroom affairs.

According to the lawmaker, after he became popular, and started earning big money as an MP, he became gluttonous and forgot about taking care of his health.
“Kitambi kicked in, I could not even tie my shoe laces; I started drinking expensive liqueur and a lot of unhealthy meat. I stopped performing in bed, I became weak, and my wife could not have any of it. It was a sad state of affairs,” he continued.

On the day claims emerged that he had been beaten by his wife, it emerged that the MP arrived home and found his wife on the phone with a mystery man.
He assumed that she was talking with her ex, and he also concluded that they were having sex behind his back, which was partly true. That is how a fight broke out, and the woman ended up beating up the lawmaker.

Following the incident, the legislator started looking for solutions to spice up his bedroom affairs.

He tried doctors and preachers, booked gym sessions, adopted special diets, and used Viagra, but there was little success. He kept backsliding.

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