"I Will Celebrate Your Jail Sentence And Divorce You The Same Day" Nairobi Man In Limbo As Wife Upholds Professional Courtesy, Wants Justice As More Details Emerge

"As Your Wife and Mother Of Your Kid, I Pledge Jackson Mutinda married a lawyer, against his father's advice and is now battling stress to convince her that he didn't rape a 16-year-old student during an evening remedial class at Shauri Moyo High School in Mathare. The girl has already made her case, to the head teacher and to the police. The evidence against Jackson is overwhelming, as he was the one teaching that particular evening, and several students confirmed that Sheila was left behind to understand a mathematics question. Jackson is the maths teacher.

A lot hangs in the balance. Jackson's wife has already made her mind and thoughts clear, saying that as a lawyer, she cannot interfere with the flow of the case. She however has made it clear that as a lawyer, she cannot live with a rapist. As such, Jackson already knows that should he be found guilty, Maria will leave him immediately and make sure that....CONTINUE READING

Unfortunately for Jackson, the head teacher already seemed to have picked a side, saying that he believes Jackson did it. A P3 test also somehow indicated that his DNA...CONTINUE READING