Man Screams Out of a Popular Lodging in Eastleigh After What Has Happened as Fresh Details Emerge

A Man has screamed out of a popular lodging in Eastleigh after what has happened to him as new details emerge.

On Tuesday morning, drama has ensued at Eastleigh Nairobi after a man whose identity remain not disclosed has been seen scream out of a popular lodging in the area as witnesses get a laughter of what has happened.

On running to the man's rescue, the residents have been shocked to find the man screaming informing that "I dont have my penis, it has dissapeared, the woman inside room 25B has made my manhood dissappear" the man was heard saying.

On wanting to know more those running to his rescue have dug into the room 25B and upon reaching there a slim lady wore in a chocolate face has been seen shocked and confused also screaming for help informing "Nisaidie kuomba msamaha kwa Bwana yangu" she has said.

This is after she noticed her womanhood had also dissapeared too.

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Adding that all what he wants from the man who wanted to eat his honey is 200,000 Ksh or else he lets him die.

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