Man in Kakamega Jumps on a 10th Floor Building, Fails to Die Instantly But Endures Pain For 10 Days Before Dying

a man in Kakamega who jumped from a 10th-floor building in an apparent suicide attempt endured severe pain for ten days before succumbing to his injuries. The incident has unraveled a complicated family drama involving allegations of infidelity and witchcraft, leaving the local community in shock.

On May 4th, residents of a high-rise apartment in Kakamega were stunned when James Makori, 38, leapt from the 10th floor. Bystanders who witnessed the fall rushed to the scene, expecting the worst. Surprisingly, Makori survived the initial impact, though he was gravely injured. He was immediately transported to the Kakamega County Referral Hospital, where he received intensive medical care.

Over the next ten days, Makori's condition fluctuated, but he ultimately... Continue Reading

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