Man Gives Debtor 2 Options in Video: "Pay My Money or Give Me Your Fiancée"

A trending video captured the moment a man boldly demanded to be with his debtor's fiancée as a form of payment for a debt owed. The video, which quickly went viral, shows the man giving his debtor two options: pay the money owed or give up his fiancée to him. The audacity of this demand left the debtor and the onlooking crowd stunned and in disbelief.
The man in question, identified as Johhn Omondi from Makerere in Uganda, was seen in the video confronting his debtor, Dennis Kwach from Kampala. Omondi, seemingly tired of waiting for Kwach to pay his debt, opted for a different approach to collect what was owed to him. In a brazen display of audacity... Continue Reading