[Photos] Kenyans Shocked After This Man Shows Up in Nairobi With His Expensive Car Covered With 10 US Dollar Notes All Round

Kenyans within Nairobi the Capital City of Nairobi has been left mouth open after showing up in the streets with his expensive car covered all round with 10 US Dollars nĂ²tes all round as new details emerge.

Daniel Kabogo on Tuesday afternoon has brought the green city under the sun to a stabstill after driving with his expensive car covered with dollars to one of the town's most popular supermarket.

In what has drawn the attention of Media house demanding from him the source of all the money he owns to an extent of even spoiling it on cars.

Mr Kabogo has not hesitated than to disclose the origin of his money naming some of the big cars he owns.

"I am rich, very rich, yes I am rich," Kabogo has said.

Extending that "I don't owe anyone but I owe God and Dr . Mugwenu big thanks for making my life as soft as you see."

Asked where he gets all the money Kabogo has said that "I was suffering in the streets of Nairobi 6 years ago but today I am a billionaire with 3 expensive cars and several businesses. I once got my luck through Dr Mugwenu luck spell, started my businesses with Dr Mugwenu Business Spell and Money through his Money spell. I am 2.5 Billion rich" Kabogo has not hesitated to say.

The remarks from Denis has left many in a shock some asking on how they can get the help of Dr Mugwenu.

Unhesitant Kabogo has said "Call Dr Mugwenu through his contact Number 0740637248 and get helped."