“Ouch..You are Sweet so good than your brother who cannot even impregnate me, ingiza yote sweetie,” I heard my wife tell my younger brother who was having sex with her


­The issue of impotence is rarely discussed in the society but it actually happens and I was one of those men who could not impregnate a woman. I did not know this fact about me until I got married to my wife and after six months of unsuccessfully trying to have a child, we visited a doctor who told me that I was the problem.

Though we spent so much money in trying to fix my situation, I did not get well. My wife on the other hand had become very impatient. All she wanted was a child and it was very unfortunate that I could not grant her that wish.  I did not know her desire was so strong until she started sleeping..CONTINUE READING

It was so disturbing after I saw....CONTINUE READING