28 Years Old Kenyan Celebrates After Starting Own Mortury, Invites Kenyans For a Party After Receiving 10 Dead Bodies

A 28 years old Kenyan Man who 2 years ago worked as a Mortury attendant in one of the popular morgues at Nairobi City has expressed his joy after he successfully build his own mortury and received 10 clients in less than a month.

Jamlick Ngethe has informed that "I am overjoyed that after having entered into this lucrative business of preparing dead persons in their final journey I have already admitted 10 in less than a month as an assurance that thing are going right."

Mr Ngethe has gone to an extent of explaining how he started the business despite being employed earlier, explaining,

"Two years ago I was employed as a Mortury attendant in Nairobi, I worked there and learnt the strategy of handling the dead in the most honourable way. I admired the job and wished that one day I would start my own mortury but had no money."

Jamlick adds "with my little savings, I was lucky to get help through Mugwenu Doctors Money Spells and Business Spells a move that has made me the person I am.

I remember calling Dr Mugwenu at 0740637248 and after telling him that my dream was to own a Mortury as my life Business. We performed a Business and Money Spell and in less than 2 Months since January had realized my dream. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu."

Jamlick says that he will be holding a friends party on April 28th to celebrate his victory urging all Kenyans,

"To all Kenyans who don't have own Businesses should not lose hope, even if with no money Call Dr Mugwenu at 0740637248 and will help you alot."


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