Oh Lord!! Not Again!! Another Couple Stuck Having Sweet Romance in Kisii At The Riverbank As More Details Emerge

It has become something of a tradition that whenever a couple is stuck having sex in Kisii for them to be paraded around the town for all to see. For the fourth consecutive week, a couple was yet again found screaming their lungs out after getting stuck having sex. The man, identified as Momanyi, was said to be sleeping with a shopkeeper's wife, whose husband decided to "lock"her after rumors of their affair surfaced. Kimaru, the shopkeeper, became suspicious when a neighbor whispered the dirty rumor about his wife whom he usually leaves at home, is seen regularly with Momanyi.

Kimaru had no reason to suspect his wife. He loved her and made sure she didn't have to work or lift a finger. Every day, he would wake up early, go to his shop and toil to provide for his young family. He was therefore very shocked to be informed that his wife of three years, Catherine, is cheating on him with a jobless man.....CONTINUE READING