Nairobi Man Runs To Save Her Screaming Wife Amidst Stormy Rains Only To Break Down Into Tears

Mimi watu huniogopa,kwanza wanawake naezalima mtu hadi aombe maji ya kunywa.Even my wife fears me,but I don’t know what happened that she ended up making me look like a fool.

January ikianza mimi nilibaki kwa nyumba nikawacha bibi yangu akienda Nairobi.I told her to take our children to school as I wait for fare to be lowered.

One day after she arrived in Nairobi, my boss told me to hurry up and order things for the office.I hurriedly dressed up and started the journey to Nairobi. But even before I started the journey I tried to call my wife but her phone....CONTINUE READING

I was shocked after what I saw, it was the most shocking time....CONTINUE READING