Eastleigh Ladies Are Untouchable, Subaru Man From Kiambu Regrets 2 Days After Divorcing His Wife to Marry a Lady From Eastleigh

Eastleigh Ladies Are Untouchable, Subaru Man From Kiambu Regrets 2 Days After Divorcing His Wife to Marry a Lady From Eastleigh

Maina popularly known as the Subaru man in Kiambu has himself to blame on Monday morning 2 days after divorcing his wife Dorcas to marry Laura from Eastleigh as new details emerge.

In what has been seen like a drama in one of the 5 storeyed rentals in Kiambu, Maina has informed that "I will never joke again with Eastleigh ladies, I am ready to go back to my wife."

Speaking of what he saw, Maina has informed him that on the night of Friday after chasing his wife Dorcas to get space for his lovely Laura whom they had dated for 2 weeks.

He was shocked on the first night of their moment of making love after finding that the lady who he had been dating had no female organs at night while trying to make love but at day time Laura's organs would come back.

"Yaani Maajabu haya, on trying to make love at night with Laura, her female organs disappeared. Sikupata mahali pa kuigiza. At day time ako sawa but ikifika usiku it disappears," Maina has lamented.

Maina has said that he had been warned of marrying Laura since she was already married to a man who was working in Dubai, but he has already seen it.

"Huyu Laura si wa Kuchezewa. Niliambiwa tu alikuwa ni bibi ya mtu na Bibi ya Mtu ni Sumu," Maina has added. Which translates to "This lady who I have married is a no-go zone. I had been advised to avoid her but I failed to hear. But what I saw better I go back to my dear Dorcas."

Laura has however revealed the truth about her status informing that,

"I did not know that My Husband had gone ahead to protect me so that when he is away I should never sleep with any man," Laura has said.

Adding that "When my husband left 1 year ago to work in Dubai, he only told me that he has left me in the protection of Allah and Dr Mugwenu. I never understood what he meant by Dr Mugwenu. But I have come to realize he used Dr Mugwenu's Marriage and Love Protection Spells to prevent me from exposing his things to the public."

"I feel guilty. I am sorry Moha," Laura has said.

Maina in disbelief at getting the whole truth, he has regrettably informed that "I will never rush for the beautiful things I see outside. Heri bibi yangu Mara Kumi" extending that he also will call Dr Mugwenu via his contact 0740637248 to help him perform a bring back lost lover spell and return his lovely Dorcas.

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