He Has Died After Stealing in One of the Eastleigh Shops, Shocking Details Emerge About this Mutumba Seller as Wife Weeps Bitterly

A lady to one of the slain Eastleigh thieves has opened up on his lastwords before the death of her husband as new details emerge.

Grace after receiving reports that her husband Daniel has died after stealing from one of the Eastleigh shops. She has not hesitated to reveal the truth of his last words before her hubby left the house.

Grace a mother of 2 and a widow now has said that her husband has been a chronic thief for a very long time extending that this was not the first time she did recsive news that her husband was a thief.

"I knew she was a thief but I decided to remain silent because should I have dared to report him or expose him in public then dire consequences would follow me," Grace says that his husband had told her that should the truth be known that he is a thief then, he will kill....CONTINUE READING

What could be making people kill themselves after stealing in Eastleigh. CONTINUE READING TO KNOW THE TRUTH