Kenyans React After 19 Years-Old-Lady Reveals What She Did After Man Slept With Her And Failed to Pay Ksh 50,000

Kenyans have reacted after 19 years old lady have revealed what she did after mam slept with her and failed to pay Ksh 50,000 as new details emerge.

Speaking, the lady identified as Jecinta Syomiti has informed that, she was so saddened by a man who she met on facebook failed to pay her Ksh 50,000 service fee as he had promised should she give in for a date with him as new details emerge.

 "We talked with Gabriel on facebook and agreed he would pay me Ksh 50,000 should I go to bed with him. Which I agreed since I was in need of money. After making love with me, the unexpected happened. Gabriel decided to..CONTINUE READING

I was shocked to see that he decided to...CONTINUE READING