Lady screams in terror after boyfriend humiliates her in Mwea, New Details Emerge What Has Happened to Him

Njeri couldn't believe it when Kamau showed up to her birthday party late, drunk and empty-handed!! Her efforts to pull off the birthday party of the year were soon rudely interrupted when Kamau stood on top of one of the tables and made an announcement that shocked her and everyone present. He began dissecting her from without, claiming that her lack of an hour-glass figure makes him consume glasses of muratina daily to make her ghastly sight bearable.

That she looks good from far but she is far from good. She threw an empty Tusker bottle at him but missed. Seeing that she was approaching him with a wide glare, he jumped down, landed on his chin and took off, knocking off a handful of people along the way. She was so embarrassed the rest of the party was hurriedly conducted and guests told to leave, pieces of cake still in their hands. The photographer of the day demanded.....CONTINUE READING

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