"I Warned Him Not to Steal in Eastleigh Shops, See Now What Has Happened" Githurai Lady Screams Loudly Watching Her Husband Die

Githurai Lady has screamed Loudly after receiving shocking report on what has happened to her husband as new details emerges.

On Friday morning, Grace has received reports that her Husband Daniel and in company of two others whom she knew have passed on after a night of stealing in Eastleigh as new details emerge.

Confirming that Her Husband had died a sad Grace has informed that "I had warned my Husband to avoid other people properties more especially in Eastleigh Area Nairobi. See now he has left me at only 27 years. How will I manage this cruel life."

Grace has said that her husband was their sole provider and that he had nothing else to offer her children Janet and Brian.

The statements have left residents of Eastleigh who were at the scene puzzled some asking lady Grace on why she knew the consequences of thugery adnd never forced his husband to stop.

According to sleuths, most of Eastleigh traders have opted to traditional methods of property protection with many praising Dr Mugwenu for his generosity.

"Since January the number of theft cases have reduced. Dr Mugwenu has really helped us alot. He just came all round anouncing what to do to reach him and gave his number 0740637248. Mugwenu said that he has powers to protect ones property from theft, bring back lost lovers, help people get big jobs in government, win elections, win bets , win lottery, get instant money in banks, get dream house and cars and big businesses through his spells. Those who took him seriously are now reaping the fruits and who are the majority," one of the residents who owns a biĝ clothes shop has said.

To contact Dr Mugwenu reach him at 0740637248 and you will get also help.