Kenyan Lady Cries Out for Help After Being Conned Ksh 500,000 Loan By Their Church Pastor So That He Can Pray For Her to Get a Job

Mercy Nekesa, a 26 man has narrated the ordeal where she spent a lot of money in the guise that she was to get a job, only to realize that this was trickery. Mercy says that she felt disheartened after more than three year's looking for work and decided to ask a friend for help.

The friend, she says , advised her that there was a church where one goes and they pray for her. However, one was to part with some amount so as to receive the prayer's, which will in turn lead to her getting a job.

She was told at the church to make a donation every Sunday for three month's so that her blessing's would come. She reveals that....CONTINUE READING

However after giving a donation of Ksh 500,000 the pastor decided to...CONTINUE READING