"Nimekupa Ruhusa Ya Kuhanya, Bora Usiniletee Magonjwa. Na Usipitishe Wanaume Tisa Kwa Wiki ,Sawa??" Kisii Man Shock Kenyans After His Message to Her Cheating Wife

My name is Cedrick Ochillo from Nambale. I'm not the kind to rush to condemn someone, judge them harshly or even quit, but this betrayal hurt me. My wife of 8 years left a big hole in my heart, and it all comes down to cheating.

I love Purity so much. Much more than anything or anyone. I'm willing to die for her. I'm not joking, she is the love of my life, my only source of joy and happiness, as well as the reason why I work so hard. When she is happy, so am I.

But the most shocking thing happened after.....CONTINUE READING

It was so disturbing after 9 men per week....CONTINUE READING