Kilifi Lady In Shock As She Watches Her Husband Die Due to Manipulation From The Cult Prophets, Church Exposed

Being naive can land you in hot soup. It is the dumbest thing you could think of especially when living in a certain city. Naivety brings about discrimination and manipulation from sharp minded people around you.

I can confirm all this and urge all of us to be on the alert and open our eyes wide and also focus and think first before undertaking any action.

This is me not threatening you but issuing a warning to those few dumb characters who are easily convinced by others to the extent of bringing about damage to themselves all in the excuse of saying that I was misled.

My name is Maria a mother of three currently living in Malindi. I don't know much about religious matters since I'm a pagan but my so called husband.....CONTINUE READING

.....He believes that it is one of the few churches that is led by holy men of God and considers his preacher Pastor and Prophet Paul Mackenzie.....CONTINUE READING