Kiambu Police Officer Informs of His Planned Murder Spree After a Leaked 16 WhatsApp Chats of His Wife and Other Men

Constable Oscar Kiplimo wanted to go on a murder spree. He secretly hacked his girlfriend's phone and found out that he was no. 8 in her team of 16 guys, with his role being providing her with adequate security and money. His plan was simple: ask for a 14-day leave, purchase a gun from an illegal mover in Mathare, and hunt them down one by one like a serial killer. He was very angry when he opened up to me about Cecile's dirty tricks.

"Huyu msichana anajiona sana. Kwani yeye ni nani?? Imagine ako na vijana wengine karibu 15!! Fifteen!! Her WhatsApp is filled with conversations with men, calling her sweet names and inviting her over for sleepovers. I think I should just make all of them disappear. I've watched too many crime....CONTINUE READING

I am going to secretly plan a date and then after that ask her to take her phone and....CONTINUE READING