Kenyans Screams Out Of the Salty Mombasa Beach as They Call For Help After What They Have Seen

A section of Kenyans who were swimming at Mombasa Public Beach have screamed out of the Salty water after the Wednesday morning drama after two Lover birds were stuck together in their attempt to make love inside the Salty water.

It has been established that Kenneth and his Mpango wa Kando Mitchell arrived early morning to enjoy the morning breeze at the Mombasa public beach and decided to take a bath but things turned unusual.

Those around the scene have informed that, "we saw a number of Kenyans who were swimming walk out of the beach screaming saying, Uuui Uuui, kuna watu Wanakunywa maji. Wameshikana."

Although the victims have been saved alive. it has been established that Mitchell the Mpango wa Kando to Kenneth was married and that his Husband Dennis who was not around at the time of the incident had used marriage protection Spell from Dr Mugwenu to protect her wife from the proceeds of unfaithfulness in marriage.

Speaking on arrival, Mr Dennis has said that "I was wondering where my wife spent the night, I was left to take of our children yesterday at around 6pm after I arrived home from Job. Kumbe hii ndiyo ilikuwa kazi."

Adding "I know my self. I am not a fool in marriage. I use protection spells from Dr Mugwenu and I will teach the one who slept with my wife a life lesson."

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