Kenyans Run to See a Pregnant Woman Who Has Been Attacked by Bees After Stealing In a Shop at Muthaiga, Stuck For Two Hours

Kenyans have run to go and save a pregnant woman who has been attacked by bees at a shop in Muthaiga, stuck for 2 hours.

Muthaiga Business Centre in Nairobi county was awakened over the weekend after three notorious thieves one being a pregnant woman were arrested after getting trapped in a wholesale shop.

Three notorious thieves Nancy Mbithe, Ken Awuor, and Mary Adhis— known to be former members of the dreaded criminal gang 42 Brothers, were humbled and are now in police custody after they were found lost and unable to find their way out of the shop they had raided after a swarm of bees covered their heads and eyes.

The shop owner, Sikote, and other bussinesses owners had always complained about rampant thievery. The thieves used the cover of darkness to creep into the shops, their eyes gleaming with greed.

But on this material day, Sikote had stood guard and witnessed how the three walked into his trap.
Ken, the leader, whispered:
“Remember, we take only what we need. No more, no less.”
Mbithe scoffed, his fingers already digging into the damp soil.
“Who cares about limits? We’ll fill our gunias and be gone before sunrise.”
A few minutes later, Adhis the youngest, hesitated:
“But how do we find our way out? This place is a maze Hata sioni penye tuliingilia!”
Ken and Mbithe laughed, dismissing his fear.
“We are thieves, not lost children,” Ken said.
“Just follow the scent of the soap. Take the big things, asubuhi Tunaweka kwa Mbukinya zifike Nairobi centre tukupate pesa bwana.”

But as dawn approached, panic set in. The shop seemed to stretch endlessly. The thieves stumbled over roots, tripped on vines, and cursed their greed.

Caleb Sikote, the shop owner with a keen eye, had been watching from the shadows facilitated by the bright moon. He knew the magic that protected this shop—the ancient powers of Mugwenu Doctors, whom he had contacted just recently after shop theft became rampant, leaving the business persons destitute.

As the first rays of sunlight pierced the horizon, the thieves realised they were trapped. They retraced their steps, but the shop mocked them, shifting its boundaries. Panic turned to desperation, and they fell to their knees, begging for mercy after they realised they were trapped and the owner of the shop was watching them.

“We are sorry,” they cried.

The police arrived, and after Mugwenu Doctors were called, they opened the eyes of the woman who was in the company of other thieves to reality, and they were able to see clearly. They however did not run as the police had already put handcuffs on them.

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