Kenyans React After Popular Kisumu Man Left In Tears After Spending Millions to Date Married Ladies From Social Media

There is a dilemma of mammoth proportion going on in men; allow your wife to work at the risk of falling for her boss or keep her at home and be the sole breadwinner, which often means meagre resources to spend. A man in Kisumu has compounded those worries, as he criticized men who prefer house wives, saying that it deprives him and others in the office, a chance at biting and chewing a variety of women.

According to his Twitter post, Alfred Mokua says that stay-at-home moms ought to find excuses to go to work, lamenting that a lack of options has led to him chewing his secretary alone, rather than having a plethora of meat available.

"Bring us office men your wives. We bosses are romantic too, capable of.....CONTINUE READING

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