Kenyans React After Manzi wa Nairobi is Attacked by a Swarm of Bees After Stealing Ksh 750K from Her Lovers Phone

We are no strangers to the reality of a significant other wiping the other clean in matters finances, that is, "Robbed by Love". You meet someone, he/she is everything and more than you ever dreamt of. You get to talking and soon enough you find yourself head over heels. You plan a wedding in your head, where you would live, what name you would give to your pet and the numerous road trips the two of you would take. Picture perfect, right? Wrong!

So you trust him/her with everything you have including your pin to every card and account you could possibly own, after all he/she is your soul mate .One day you go make a withdrawal and it reads "Insufficient funds. Ala!". You are in shock. The calls go answered, the number no longer in use, and his apartment is empty. Yes. You just got robbed. How then do we avoid all this? Here are a few tips on how you can avoid ever finding yourself in this position.

This is what has met the popularly known Manzi wa Nairobi, In an unfolding drama which has left many Kenyans talking....CONTINUE READING

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