Kenyans Left Mouth Open After a Politician Reveals How Her Wife Has Been Beating Him Up Closed in Their Bedroom

Hello fam. My wife keeps pretending to be "naughty" and "nasty" during sex. She beats me up, like literally beats me up. She acts like it's getting kinky but really slaps me hard…

A Kenyan man shocked social media with his narration, detailing how bedroom moments with his wife usually play out.

According to the distraught man, his wife is very violent during bedroom moments, and this has left him confused, wondering if the woman is just fighting him or if that is how she expresses pleasure.

He wrote:

Hello, farm. My wife plays like she is getting "naughty" and "nasty" during sex. She beats me up, literally beats me up. She acts like it's getting kinky but really slaps me hard; it's so painful. I can get slapped like 20 hot slaps when we are having sex. I always feel like she is taking advantage of the situation to beat the hell out of me. My wife is a gym rat, so you can imagine how strong her slaps can be.

What should I do?

In the comment section, Kenyans shared varied opinions, but there is one that stood out.

Mijungu said he had experienced the same issues with his wife, and he later came to realise the wife was just disappointed in his bedroom game and used slaps to communicate, though it took too long before he understood.

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