Kenyan Woman Reveals How Her Husband's Sperms Made Them Multi-Millionaires as Shocking Details Emerge

Vihiga - A Kenyan woman from Mbale has taken to social media to narrate how she found out her husband was impotent after five years of marriage.

Susan Andanje penned the story on Facebook, creating a buzz all over East Africa. According to Susan, they had tried to have a child, but all efforts were futile.
The closest she ever came to being a parent was when she became pregnant two years ago but miscarried after 4 months.

“I went for all manner of tests; they did not show anything was wrong. My hubby, on his part, insisted that he was okay, insisting that he had a child before he married me, which was true. This made me believe that I was the problem. I really got stressed out,” Susan wrote.

Pressure from in-laws

Her in-laws were also on her case, at some point, they even wanted Ombima to make another woman pregnant so that Susan would know that she was the problem.

However, the wealthy businessman refused, arguing that he loved his wife with or without kids.
It was during this time that Susan knew she needed to defend her marriage and protect it from the dogs.

All the options had failed. Luckily, she was introduced to Mugwenu Doctors by her friend, who also had fertility issues. John Opondo was nearly divorced by his wife, who accused him of not satisfying her.
His marriage was saved by Mugwenu Doctors who gave him traditional remedies to cure poor bedroom performance. On contacting Mugwenu Doctors, Susan was assured of the help she had hunted for a very long time. Just like the doctors had confirmed, Susan’s reproductive health was perfect.

And just as Susan had suspected, the healers informed her that the problem was her hubby, who had done something that was making them childless. Susan was given a special charm to wear and was to invoke its power and then ask her hubby to tell the truth about what had befallen the family.

Spells to make someone tell their secrets, how do they work?

She did that and during that week the man of the house said that he had a burning confession.

“He looked like he was burning with an issue. He was very unsettled. He just called and told me that there was something he was keeping from me that he needed to open up about. He claimed that he was having nightmares and could hear whispers telling him to tell his secret,” she continued.

During their talk, Ombima confessed that he had offered his sperm during a ritual when he was still looking for money.
“No wonder he seemed very understanding when everyone was pressuring me. Kumbe he knew what was going on. Aki men can be heartless sometimes. But we ironed this out and it is now water under the bridge,” she noted, asking couples to have a forgiving heart.

The man of the house admitted that he was informed that he would never get another child after the ritual that was supposed to make him rich.

After the confession, he apologised for the pain he had caused his wife despite knowing that he was the problem.

“It was through the help of Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248 that they broke the covenant that my hubby had with the evil world. They cleansed him and gave us a special pendant to ward off any attack from the spirit,” her post read.
She added that it had been one year after the cleansing, revealing that she was able to get pregnant and that their child was 3 months old.

“I am grateful to Mugwenu Doctors for breaking the covenant. I thank them for the spell that made my husband speak the truth about why we were not able to get a child. They provided me with pregnancy charms that kept me safe through gestation and delivery. Right now, I am at peace, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors.
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