Kenyan Pastor Reveals Shocking Details, Reveals How Many Nairobi Ladies Souls He Has Sold to Satan Unmasking The Source of His Wealth

A lot has been said about how different churches in Nairobi had been getting a lot of crowds. In Kenya today, there are many churches which erupt. Some have even weird names. A man identified as James-not his real name shared his journey of being a pastor to a devil worshiper agent. He said he started as a pastor but after sometimes of serving, he wanted to ensure his church always was parked to the brim. With that he was advised with his friend to seek assistance from a dark religion here at the city.

He paid ksh 1.5 million and indeed he was recruited to this cult. Since then his church had been getting a lot of people. Politicians, and other powerful people flocked his church. He was getting an average of ksh 450, 000 per Sunday....CONTINUE READING

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