Fresh Details Emerge as KDF Soldier Sacked for Chewing Boss’s Wife Reinstated Back to Job

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Losing a job is not an interesting topic, especially at this time when the economy is tough. If you are going through this or you fear someday it will come, then this story will equip you with knowledge of how to navigate such a situation and get hired fast.

A 39-year-old KDF soldier stationed at Embakasi can now breathe a sigh of relief as he reclaims his job six months after dismissal on grounds of indiscipline.
Mukhwana, a proud native of Kakamega County, served in the military for eight years until an explosive case involving him and a senior officer led to his unceremonious termination.

The young soldier, the only successful child in a family of eight, lost his livelihood, shattering his parents' dreams and hopes that he would uplift their family from poverty.

Trouble began during a recruitment exercise when Mukhwana stumbled upon his boss in a compromising situation in a restroom, receiving an envelope full of cash from one of the young men participating in the enlistment exercise.

"He told me to shut up and promised to give me KSh 10,000. Later that evening, he called me to his house, offering me the money in cash, but I declined. I am born again; I could not accept that money. But I promised him I would not speak. I knew reporting such issues would be punching above my weight," narrated Mukhwana.

Two months later, an investigation was launched after corruption claims during the recruitment surfaced. Mukhwana, relieved he hadn't accepted the money, felt safe, not knowing what awaited him.

The senior military officer, aware that Mukhwana had witnessed his actions, foiled a plan to send the youthful soldier home to save face. He fabricated claims, including an allegation that Mukhwana was found in bed with his wife on the date he visited and declined the KSh 10,000.

The young man's fate was sealed; he was sent home after an unfair trial, and the corruption case against his boss was mysteriously dropped. Mukhwana's mother and wife were devastated, anticipating the harsh impact of poverty.

After three months of joblessness, Mukhwana's wife took action, believing in her husband's innocence. She sought help from Mugwenu Doctors, having read about them online. The herbalists investigated Mukhwana's case, confirming he was a pawn sacrificed in a larger scheme, promising assistance.

They cast a spell for his reinstatement, a protection spell against enemies, and provided a good luck charm. After casting the spells, the herbalists assured the soldier's wife that results would be seen in a few days.

Coincidentally, during that week the president toured Kakamega County, Mukhwana drafted a letter blessed by Mugwenu Doctors and managed to deliver it to the president during an event near Mumias sugar factory.

The president, acknowledging the soldier's plight, directed a reevaluation of the case. Mukhwana was found to have been unfairly fired on fake charges, and his boss was held accountable.

The once-dismissed soldier was reinstated and promoted to the next rank, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors' intervention, showcasing their continued support for those unfairly dismissed.

Their spells, known to work within 24 hours, are a testament to the boundless power of traditional healing that Mugwenu Doctors wield in East Africa.

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