Kamba Lady Threatens To Chase Away Hubby For Under-Performing in Bed, Makes One Request To Kenyans Online

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Runda - For 4 years, John Opondo and Kamba woman Mbinya were married. From the outside, their marriage looked flourishing, and many people admired them.
The duo had nice and well-paying jobs, two beautiful cars, and lived in the Nairobi upmarket area of Runda.

However, as they say, still water runs deep. Despite the outward appearance of a flourishing marriage, uncertainty was rising. Mbinya and Opondo were not very happy.

Wife not satisfied in bedroom

The fire in their bedroom had died. Mbinya always complained that Opondo was not making her feel like a woman, yet the Luo man from Muhoroni insisted he was doing all his best to ensure his woman hits cloud nine every day.
The situation had also rendered them childless despite having regular unprotected sex for the four years they were together.

“Parents and friends started asking if we ever planned to have kids. We knew there was a problem, but we kept telling them we would have them once we are ready. All of us wanted kids sooner since we were all looking forward to raising kids. But the discontent was loud. Mbinya kept saying I was not doing her right,” Opondo narrated.
The two reached out to sex therapists, religious leaders, friends, and even some elders, but even after following the instructions given, their situation got no better.

Woman pleasing herself in bathroom

In the fourth year of marriage, Mbinya started a funny behaviour. Every time after some bedroom action, she could go to the bathroom and spend about 10 minutes there.
At first, Opondo never paid attention. It was only one day he heard her produce a funny sound while in the bathroom alone, just minutes after sex, that he followed and was met with a shocker.

“I found her watching adult videos. Her hand was between her legs. She was pleasing herself. When I questioned her why she was doing that, she told me, 'Kama huwezi fanya round kumi wewe kuwa tu gay.’ This statement finished me. I broke down. I could not believe my wife just said that,” Opondo continued to narrate.
According to the woman, she desired a man who would make love to her violently and in at least one hour. But Opondo was not violent and could not go up to an hour.

“That is why I was pleasing myself every time,” she said.
After the heartbreaking statement, Opondo said he was forced to share about the situation with his confidant Ngure, who was the best man during his wedding.

Fertility spells to cure barrenness

Ngure said that he knew someone who could help Opondo.
He referred Opondo to Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248, who had cured his wife from barrenness and also improved her libido.
“They came through for me. My wife was never interested in bedroom matters. She was really trying but had no appetite for it. I was suffering, so I had to look for a solution from Mugwenu doctors and we found it. I am now enjoying my bedroom rights. Sometimes I am the one who says, it is enough or not today,” Ngure said.

After his conversation, Opondo reached out to Mugwenu Doctors who told him that many men were going through the same problem.
They clarified that it was not that the men were not powerful in bed but because of an extra high appetite for sex in some women.

Do sex demons exist?

They also said some women are also possessed with sex demons that make them not satisfied regardless of the efforts by the man.
The herbalists cast a powerful spell to drive away sex demons from his wife and also balance her hormones. For the hormones and body cleansing, both Opondo and Mbinya were given special herbs that Mugwenu Doctors sourced from holy forests in Congo and India.

They were then told that the spell would take effect sooner than they expected.
To their surprise, the following day after they performed the rituals, they decided to give it a try.
“It was a special night. Night of passion. It felt powerful, special and sweeter than anything. That night, he made water sprinkle out of me. I did not believe it. In just 20 minutes, I was in the highest cloud. I was breathless. Tired and could not even move. I slept like a baby,” shyly narrated Mbinya.

It continued like that for the rest of 2022. In December 2022, I got pregnant with twins. Thanks to the pregnancy spells he gave us as discount. They were born in July 2023.
“In September, 2 months after delivery, Mbinya was seriously itching for the stick. And the matches continue every day, thanks to the spells by Mugwenu Doctors,
They cured Mbinya’s addictions to masturbation, balanced her hormones, and gave Opondo the manpower and confidence every man needs to get straight As in the bedroom and this cured his stress.

The family is now happy again, thanks to the spells of Mugwenu Doctors, who continue to change lives across Africa.

What other health issues do Mugwenu Doctors treat?

Apart from healing addiction from masturbation both in men and women, Mugwenu Doctors, also have special remedies to cure erectile dysfunction, increase the size of manhood and also treat infertility both in men and women and even herbs for losing weight.
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Can addition to masturbation be treated?

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