University Lady Runs Mad In Nairobi Town After Eating Kamba Boyfriend's Ksh 200 Fare And Failing To Show Up

A 27-year-old Kamba man from Kitui has disclosed how his girlfriend used to ask for a bus fare and failed to visit him. Alfred Mukisa who posted on his Instagram warned the ladies with such characters to stop it or else they were to face what Irene his girlfriend faced.

Alfred has revealed that he had fallen in love with his girlfriend and wished to spend some time with her mostly during weekends. On Monday, he asked his girlfriend to visit him at his home in Kitui. Since his girlfriend wasn't working she asked him to send her money to use for transport. He then sent Ksh 200 from the charcoal he had hoping that she will come. Some hours later after sending the money to his lover, he received messages.....CONTINUE READING.

The shocking thing has followed next seeing that...CONTINUE READING