Kakamega Brought a Standstill After Salasia is Stuck With 60-year-old Woman in Lodging, Police Intervenes

Kelvin Ondich Salasia, a prominent businessman from Kakamega, recently found himself at the center of a scandal that brought the town to a standstill. The incident unfolded when Salasia engaged in an intimate encounter with a 60-year-old woman at a local lodging. However, their rendezvous took an unexpected turn, leaving both parties in distress.

According to a viral video clip, Salasia and the woman were seen writhing in pain as their private parts seemingly refused to separate. The bizarre situation attracted a crowd, and word quickly spread throughout Kakamega. Locals gathered outside the lodging, curious and bewildered by the unfolding drama.

As the situation escalated, Salasia’s wife, Sarah Salia, emerged from... Continue Reading

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