"It's Not the First Time To be Caught Sneaking into My Sisters Room" Siaya Lady Shares Shocking Details of a Romance between Her Husband and Younger Sister

It is rare to find a humble politician. It is even rarer to find a Kshs. 300 note. It gets better, it is rather baffling to find a love triangle involving sisters. But, the odds are that they exist. This was exactly the situation Hellen found herself when her younger sister came to stay briefly to complete her Computer Programming course at a Technical institute in Siaya. Within a month, she had caught her husband sneaking into her sister's room in the middle of the night twice. Both times, he claimed to be concerned about her sleeping alone so he was checking on her to see if all is well. She didn't buy it. The most recent of those got her spooked, for she could clearly see a packet of condoms on his left hand.

"It's not the first time. Just how insensitive are you?? My own sister?? Have you lost all your dignity and respect?? I can't believe this. You have the guts to lie to me to my face and pretend to be concerned for her safety!! You think you are so clever, huh?? We'll see about that" she.....CONTINUE READING

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