It is Painful To Watch After 2 Kenyan Ladies are Heard Screaming in 2nd Floor Nairobi Apartment Only to Run and See This

Drama has ensued in one of the storeyed apartmemts in Nairobi, Muthaiga after two ladies have been heard screaming from one of the second floor rooms as new details emerge.

Those who rushed to save the two have informed that on hearimg the screams they did rush only to find that one who was screaming was inside the house locked with another man while the other one was a neighbor who was trying to alert the public to come and rescue those in bed.

The door was closed, locked from inside "please help us, we are stuck and can't open the door, piteni nayo tafadhali ama tukufe...CONTINUE READING

It was a sad incident to see what had happened.A lady and a...CONTINUE READING