"I Was Planning to Kill My Mother,Father and Then Kill Myself" 26 Years Old Nairobi University Graduates Narrates

A 26 Years Old Nairobi University Graduate has narrated how he thwarted his evil plans against his both parents 2 years after completing his studies with a BSC as new details emerge.

Revealing his name, Janneth Kimani has narrates that last year struggles in life trying to look for a job after his qualification had hit a snag a move that made him depressed to a point of thinking of taking away his life and that of his both parent.

"I though after university everything would run smoothly. I thought my life would be soft with papers but what I thought it would be became the worst days of my life.

I remember I would wake up early morning accompanied with my education papers in search for a Job. I was successful of filling the application form in whichever office there was a vacancy including being invited for interviews, only to miss in the list of those qualified for the job."

I went ahead to think that I should try corruption to secure a job. At first I approached my parents to sell half of an acre land they had given me for Ksh 500,000 to see whether I could get employed in the Kenya Army. They agreed. However it was not as usual. Kuumbee, the money went in the hands of a Conman. 500,000Ksh was gone and this is when depression seriously hit me.


It was on Saturday evening when I read from a popular Kenyan newpaper that there was a job at one of the government owned parastatals. I decided let me give a try. This time I knew I could not miss coz all what they asked was ny qualification.

Additionally they asked a Ksh 5,500 non refundable application fee.

On approaching my parents to help look for the 5,500 Ksh. They declined. I remember it was on a Sunday.

"That thing really hurt me," Janneth says.

Adding that "on his parents refusing to give him 5,500Ksh and affording Ksh 500,000 was impossible."

"I felt depressed and dissapointed. I felt I had reached end of struggles in life. Silently, On Monday, I went to a night drinking splee bought 5 litres petrol with a Ksh 1200 which I had in my pocket, then a litre cost 218ksh to go and set my parents house on fire while asleep and later kill my self. That is what I did.

I arrived at around 22:34hrs. At that time I was sure that my parents had both slept. I went round my parents house pouring the petrol. Shockingly I had no Matchbox. Rushing to the kitchen to pick the Matchbox. I nearly fainted after an encounter with my father who had rushed to relieve himself."

"Janneth, do you hear a smell of Petrol? I heard my father ask me. Nodding head for an aborted mission. I said yes. Bring your hands, my father told me. I still had the smell of Petrol. What happened to me is a story of another time."

The following day while trying to heal serious wounds I had received after being battled by my father. A friend of mine who we had graduated together working with county offices came.

"Janneth, what is wrong? Why do you let depression ruin your life and that of your parents? Njuguna asked me. I told him that lack of a Job was what was killing him slowly. Njuguna gave me a contact 0740637248 and he told me.call that man he will help you."

Happily, I called only to introduce himself as Dr Mugwenu. I explained to him what I was going through.

"We shall perform a Job Spell, Dr Mugwenu told me. I can tell you. In less than 72 hrs I had received an appointment letter to go and work at one of the government parastatal big offices. Today I am rich with no stress and depression. I urge all with life problems like mine to call 0740637248 and get helped."


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