"I regret allowing my wife leave our house for Tuesday protests" man says after bashing his wife in a lodging along Ngara streets

Tuesday 22nd 2024 was a day that GenZ had planned to carry out the protest in the all parts of the country. 'Maandamano' that brought together the youths from the whole country. I and my wife, Stellah supported the GenZ and we opted not to be left out of the protests. The night before the D-day my wife insisted that she will be attending the 'maandamano" on Tuesday and I agreed to let her go.

Tuesday morning, we all woke up as early as usual, took a cup of tea together and got ready for the Tuesday activity. I thought we were heading to the same place together, that is Nairobi CBD where the protests were to begin from heading to the Parliament only to realize that my wife had used a protest plan to trigger....The police officers blocked.....CONTINUE READING

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