"I Made Love With Dead Body of a Beautiful Lady" Kenyan Mortury Attendant Reveals shocking Details

I used the back door to the mortuary. I met him there. He told me to undress, which I did and followed him. He went to the cold room and pulled out a body. ‘This one is fresh, came in today, just died in the morning, beautiful woman, you can use this one’. Spirit spells saved me.

Makueni - A man from Ukambani has narrated horrifying details of how he struggled with a series of bad events in his family.

Death and disasters struck his family in quick succession, leaving him questioning why he existed and asking whether the Lord had abandoned him.

According to Nzioka, seven of his relatives died in a road accident while driving from a wedding ceremony they had attended in Karatina.

“This was 10 years ago, and it opened up the gates of hell in our family. From then, people started to die,” Nzioka started his narration when he told his story during a popular confession YouTube show.

Father goes mad, relatives dead.

After the tragedy, 10 more relatives died within a year in separate events, and it was during the same year that he lost his job and his house was also burnt down.
The following year, his father developed a mental illness; he could strip and hit people with stones. He was whisked to a mental facility along Thia Road in Nairobi.
Later, when Nzioka’s wife gave birth to triplets, two of them died, but one survived.

“This made me believe we were under a curse. So I started looking for help. That is when I met this pastor who looked nice. But the methods he suggested to me were not ordinary. On one occasion, he told me to go shower in the river at 2am and slaughter a black hen on the same night before dawn.

Then, secondly, he told me that for the spirit that haunted my family to go. I needed to sleep with a dead woman to break the chains. So I spoke to an attendant of a local mortuary, who told me he had helped people just like me. I went to the morgue.

Sex with the dead.

I used the back door to the mortuary. I met him (the pastor) there. He told me to undress, which I did and followed him. He went to the cold room and pulled out a body. ‘This one is fresh, came in today, just died in the morning, beautiful woman, you can use this one’. I had no option. But I hated myself after that and blocked the pastor,” he narrated.

Nzioka says that trouble continued in his family even after the pastor prayed over him.
It wasn't until he met Mugwenu Doctors that his life was renewed and his troubles ended.

Meeting Mugwenu Doctors
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“We are going to help you. This is too much for you,” the herbalists assured.
They used their ancient methods to cleanse Nzioka’s family. They used the revered spirit spells, which drove away the demonic powers that were tormenting Nzioka’s family.
They provided the family with protective charms and also used good luck spells and they opened doors of opportunities to Nzioka and his relatives.

For two years, the family has not witnessed any death. He was hired one year and a half ago in a well-paying job.
His father declared health from the mental facility, and it has been a year since he was discharged.

“He enjoys taking care of his chicken and goats back at home,” he revealed.
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