I have stolen your KSh 100k and on top of that, I have HIV/AIDS. You may die soon- woman who I brought to my house after meeting her in the bar told me this after leaving

Last weekend, I got so bored at my house and I decided to go to a local bar so that I could relax and have a couple of drinks. I went and sat in one of the tables and ordered a bottle of beer, soon after, a lady whom I did not know joined me on my table and started talking to me. We talked for a while and I started liking her since she was very sweet and very beautiful.

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Moments after, I was half-drunk and she offered to take me to my house because I was too drunk to even drive. I explained to her my home and she took me using my car. We arrived and as soon as we were in the house, we were so crazy on each other that we started having sex. I thought I had found my dream woman and my soul mate as was always my... Continue Reading