"I Don't Want to Quit On My Marriage But Huyu Gaidi Ananitesa. Mwishowe Ataniua Wallahi" Kibera Lady Cries Out, Says Her Endurance Is Making Her Husband Worse

Perseverance, Endurance, Patience and Understanding. They are all terms used sparingly in marriage, to make it last longer, to hold it tight with a masking tape when really, the love is dead, the emotions gone and the relationship torn to pieces.

Pritty Mili, 36, is too familiar with those terms, as her mother kept pushing her to hold on. Her marriage to Raymond Odillo is officially a prison sentence. She hasn't smiled genuinely for months, hiding pain and wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her whole....CONTINUE READING

I did not believe what I saw every night and for this mimi...CONTINUE READING