Grace shared a story of how her husband almost married a second wife; here is what she said in one of the social media platforms in Kenya.

“Hata mimi mzee wangu karibu aoe  bibi mwingine" Grace says

"I was washing clothes when I discovered an earring in his pocket.I asked him about the earing  but the explanation he gave me didn’t satisfy me wanaume hata ukiwapata juu lazima wajitetee, I assumed nothing was going on and continued monitoring him," she adds.

A few days later he bought another phone. That evening when I saw the phone, I asked why he wanted another phone yet he had one that was functioning well.

James shamelessly told me,

"I wanted to keep special contacts only because there are people I doesn’t want to interact with" James said to me.

I never took serious with the fact that he had two phones because I thought he meant what he said.

But what baffled me was that whenever he was outside our compound the phone was always on and when he was around, the new phone was switched off.I became curious.

One morning I confronted him and asked him,

“James, please switch on this phone, there’s something I want to check—give me this contact."

He hesitated for long until I threatened to crash it. That’s when he switched it on and what I saw shocked me.Immediately it was switched on, several messages came and shockingly they were from one person. One message read, “yes babe,I arrived late but I enjoyed anyway, Good night Honey”. The lady in question was Joyce, whom I know well, she used to sell clothes in our estate but relocated last year.

I wanted to slap him but something kept me at bay. As he sat there I asked question after question and all this time he was silent and sweating. After anger overwhelmed me,I started crying aloud and went to my bedroom to sleep. The following morning I parked my belongings and moved out.

James didn’t bother even to come for me—he just continued as if nothing had happened. After two weeks I went back to my house only to realize the lady had permanently migrated to my compound. Jealous hit me as one of my friends told me James has been living with the lady since I moved out.That evening I made sure I met James . I called him to Mama Ngina restaurant.

I became desperate when he delivered bad news to me. Without sympathizing with me he told me,

"After all you’re not my wife, you’re just a girlfriend" Grace says.

“What do you mean James”, I tearfully responded. His last response threw me to the floor. He assured me, “from now henceforth, don’t ever call me your husband, boyfriend or anything, it’s over”.
I quietly went home.

I have been living alone in Kayole since then  But my life has never been the same. All along I have been thinking of how to bring back my James and I hadn’t figured out which best way to use. Luckily, Mama Milka helped me. She told me to contact Mr Mugwenu so that he can help me.She was in the same situation in 2015 and Mugwenu helped her. I contacted Mugwenu using the following contacts:
Phone number: +254740637248
Email address:
or website

I didn’t believe my eyes,after I interacted with Dr Mugwenu,he told me to wait for two weeks to see results.To my surprise,a week later, my husband called me telling me the woman had parked her belongings and disappeared. He even shocked me that the lady had even broken the TV and Radio because of an argument. He begged me to return so that we can start life again. I am now a happy woman. Do not be limited by location. You can get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing. This is when we help people who are not physically present with us. It does not matter where you are, we can assist you successfully.