How a traditional doctor saved my marriage of 10 years from falling apart

Valentines Mary
Miriam had built a life with her husband, raising two beautiful daughters together. In the early years, her husband was a loving and devoted partner, but as time passed, he underwent a drastic change. He became a violent, alcohol-dependent man who cheated on Miriam with numerous women in the town. The once-happy family was now a source of constant chaos and heartbreak, and Miriam found herself the subject of ridicule and gossip among the community.
Determined to save her marriage and protect her children, Miriam sought help from marriage counselors and pastors. However, her efforts seemed futile, as her husband's behavior only worsened. He would even beat her in front of their children, leaving Miriam feeling helpless and trapped. Despite the pain, she chose to stay, fearing the impact her husband's absence would have on their daughters.... Continue Reading