How to Deal With a Lazy Boyfriend, A Sleepyhead Unwilling to Work, Loves to Have Fun With Your Money and Body, a Kinuthia Who Is Manipulative and Clingy!!

If you are one of those men described above, this does not make for a comfortable read. Let's face it, women have undergone enough suffering at the hands of men!! Lazy men are cozy men!! They love themselves to death. They cheat, make it look like they are doing you a favor by being with you. They can sleep all the way to 2Pm, shower, eat and take over the remote, switching channels and ordering the lady around like she is his house help.

Such men are extremely jealous, controlling, manipulative and rather childish. They throw tantrums like they too are on their period!! They love to complain. They want to be the center of attention always, doing everything to appear important when really, they are as useless as Kidney stones!!

Ladies, please!! Tukutane hapo nyuma kwa tent!! Let’s be.....CONTINUE READING