"How Come Every Man I Marry Develops Mental Problems Then Dies In Less Than A Year?? I've Been Married 7 Times Already, Only To Be Widowed 7 Times. Am I An Agent Of Death??" Amber From Subukia Laments

Amber Kazuri no longer responds when men greet her. At only 30 years of age, she has been through her fair share of marital issues, most of which end up in her putting on a black gown to attend a funeral. She is very pretty, but no longer wants to get married.

All her previous marriages, seven to be exact, start well, go well until something snaps and sends her husbands to a premature grave. Rumors of her being the head of a human sacrificial ring are already circulating in Subukia, with finger-pointing gossipers marking her as a devil worshipper.

According to Amber, she sees no point of remarrying, adding that she fears all she has been doing is killing men. She feels... Continue Reading

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