"Hiyo machine yako nono na tamu ata kuliko ya bwana yangu" Man Catches Wife Having Twatwa with customer in their shop

I never knew that being cheated on could hurt this much. The pain and betrayal are indescribable. Unfortunately, I had to go through it. My wife and I ran a wines and spirits business as a side hustle to supplement our income. She managed the shop most of the time, as her day job was less demanding than mine. I would usually come home late and leave early in the morning, trusting that she was taking care of our business.
Kakamega Man Catches Pregnant Wife Cheating With Local Pastor - Nairobi Wire

One weekend, I returned home early due to not feeling well. I wanted to rest so I could recover and go back to work the next day. My wife's phone was charging, so I assumed she was at the shop selling to customers. It had been a while since I'd visited our shop, so I decided to... Continue Reading