He just touched my bra, and everything started flowing: “Kila kitu ilisimama, I will never forget”

“He touched the bra, looked at it with a piercing eye. He touched again, looked in the inside and said words I will never forget. After that, everything started flowing and I knew I was ready.”
Nairobi – Annet Ambuka had a dream of becoming a successful fashion designer and model, but her journey was full of challenges and disappointments.

She had a passion for designing undergarments, such as bras, innerwear, bikinis, and lingerie, but she struggled to find customers and make a profit. She also tried her luck in modeling, but she never won in any beauty pageants.
She opened a shop in Nairobi, hoping to attract more buyers, but she barely made enough to pay the rent. She had a lot of unsold clothes on the shelves, and after four months, she had to close down. She felt like giving up on her dream.

“I was designing a lot of clothes, vintage, bras, innerwear and lingerie, but there was very little business. I was hoping to land a windfall, but it never happened. Thank God I had a good support system. I opened a shop in Nairobi, but the sales were just too little; I could not even afford to pay rent without asking for help. I started feeling like a burden and a letdown,” she narrated.

But one day, she saw an online advert about Mugwenu Doctors, a powerful herbalist who had helped hundreds of people improve their fortunes in various aspects of life, such as education, family, business, and health. She read the testimonials of people who had benefited from his voodoo spells, such as a Nairobi meat trader who had revived his failing business using business cleansing spells from Mugwenu Doctors.

Annet decided to give it a try and contacted Mugwenu Doctors, who gave her an appointment. They asked her to bring some of her merchandise with her. When she visited them, they examined her situation and promised to help her with powerful voodoo spells.

They cast the spells on Annet’s business, and she felt a change in her. She said she felt lighter and clearer, as if a dark veil had been lifted from her face. They touched her clothes and said some words that she would never forget. They told her to go and give her business another try.
“He touched the bra and other clothes that I had brought and, looked at them with a piercing eye. He touched them again, looked inside the bag containing them and said words I will never forget. After that, everything started flowing, everything stood, and I knew I was ready. My eyes were open, and he told me to give my business another try,” Annet narrated.

Annet took a leap of faith and reopened her business. The first few days were slow, but as she followed the instructions given to her, everything started to change. She started getting many customers and orders.

She was surprised to hear that women who bought her bras and lingerie said that they had improved their marital relationships. They said that their husbands could not get enough of them when they wore her clothes.

“I started getting many customers; I got many deals to make clothes even for export. Surprisingly, women who bought my bras and lingerie told me that they were getting better experiences in their marriages. They claimed that whenever they donned the clothes, their hubbies could never have enough of them,” she narrated.

Recently, she landed a deal to export her clothes, and she was also contacted to teach at a fashion and design college in Nairobi. All this was thanks to the powerful voodoo spells offered by Mugwenu Doctors that saved her business and gave her a new lease on life.

What are voodoo spells?

According to Mugwenu Doctors, voodoo spells are rituals that involve invoking the power of spirits, ancestors, or natural forces to achieve a desired outcome.
It is a complex and diverse practice that originated in ancient Africa before spreading to the Caribbean, the Americas, and other parts of the world.

Voodoo spells have been used in Kenyan soil and other parts of the world for decades for various purposes, such as healing, protection, love, money, luck, revenge, justice, and more.

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