"He Had a Matchette and a Panga" Githurai Lady Recounts What She Saw Last on the Night of Protests, Drops Down in Tears

A woman identified as Dolphins from Githurai Nairobi has shared an emotional story on how she had been living in an abusive marriage. She said for the last six years she had been in marriage, she was being abused by her husband something that have her sleepless nights. She says she had nowhere to run to as her husband was her everything. Her parents died a very long time ago and she got married at a tender age to start her own family and at the same time depend on a man for survival.

"He would come late at night beat me up like a young child. Many were the times I had to persevere as if nothing was happening. I would pretend in front of my friends and neighbors that I was okay but deep inside me I knew I was going through hell," she said.

She said she came close to dying after....CONTINUE READING

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