Fresh Details Emerge as Nairobi Lady Reveals Why She Slept Same Bed With 3 Men, Her Parents Swing to Action

A huge cucumber was inside me; I was sleeping with 3 men at the same time, but why?

I have treated so many diseases, yet I am just 26. I have had countless abortions. I could sleep with three men at the same time. One would be in front, another at the back, and you can guess where the other one would be. My friend introduced me to this. Magic spells came to my rescue.

My story is what many would terms as a rollercoaster ride through hell and back. My life changed after my mother stumbled upon my naked pictures with a Nigerian man. A huge cucumber was inside me, and I could barely recognise myself; I was drunk. A friend of hers had sent them to her on WhatsApp after they trended on Telegram.

Let me explain how I found myself here.

So, four years ago, after I landed a job in Nairobi in one of the upcoming media houses, I got involved with some friends who were living some classic life. Yes, the soft life that I wanted. At just 23, 24, 25 and 26, most of them were owning apartments in Lavington and Kilimani.

I kept asking them how they were making it in life. We all know the entry salary in most media houses is low; I was being paid KSh 45,000. At first, it appeared enough until I started drinking and purchasing designer shoes and clothes.

One day, Mwende, one of my friends, told me she was going to teach me how to fish. She promised that after that, I was going to afford a car just like hers, a brand-new Mazda CX-5. Njoki was driving a sleek Mazda CX-3, yet she was just an entry-level secretary.

We drove to a restaurant in Kilimani. It was a party organised in a club; we were served chicken, and all manner of drinks were present.
Njoki directed me to sit next to some men. They would rise and dance for some minutes before returning to nibble on chicken. Most of them had potbellies. The one on my right was old enough to be my dad.

I started getting high; the drinks were fine and black-label. I hinted to my friends that I wanted to go home. I was high but still had my boundaries intact. When one of the men we were partying with heard that, he said I should not worry.

“I will book a room for you to sleep in; the restaurant has fine accommodation units,” he said.
I gave in, and after he booked the room, he gave me the keys and told me I could rest whenever I was tired.

Wild party and night of passion

I was calm. We took more drinks and retired to bed at around 2am and the man followed me to the room to confirm whether I was comfortable.
That is all I remember. The next morning, I woke up tired, all alone. And beside the table, I found a cheque worth KSh 2,600,000; it was addressed to me, and a letter was also there.

“Thanks for the night. The cash is for you. Do whatever you want with it,” the note read.
That is when it dawned on me that I had been taken advantage of during the previous night. I did not tell anyone. The money blinded me, and it made me feel like nothing had happened.
Later that day, we left the hotel alongside my friends. The older men were nowhere to be seen. I was quiet, and my friends knew what had happened but pretended not to know.

That was how I was introduced to the life of selling my body. I became a drug addict and a serious alcoholic. I bought a car with the money and moved to a nice apartment in Loresho.
I kept my job, but now I needed to continue selling myself to maintain the life I had adopted. I got more hookups.

Sometimes, I could sleep with two or more men. I contracted STIs and had numerous abortions; some men said they did not like to use condoms, so I was a serial user of Prep.
Despite looking fine on the outside, inside me, I was dead. I was crushed and filthy. My mom and close friends noticed. My mom prayed for me; she even contacted elders who came and laid their hands on me.

But this was like a bottomless pit, I was sinking deep and fast. The more I wanted out, the more I found myself falling deeper.
My redemption came a year ago after a night out with some Nigerian men in an Airbnb in Ridgeways, Nairobi.
The party was wild. There was liqueur, shisha, weed and even other substances I had never seen or tasted. There was also meat.

As usual, the man booked the room, and we went inside to finish our business. But this time around, I was too drunk. I was not asleep but could hardly hear what was going on. Three men came into the room with two cameras; they set them before I blacked out.

Cucumber inside me

In the morning, I woke up with my hand tied on the bed. The cameras were gone, but the stands were still there. I felt pain in my groin only to find a huge cucumber inside me. It had happened again.
The men had done all manner of satanic things to me and left. They left me with a bundle of KSh 500, 000. That is when I knew I was being used to make porn videos.

A week after that, I received a call from Mom; she was crying.
“What is this that I am seeing? Have you lost your mind? Jane, you must stop this, or you are going to die,” she cried.
The videos of myself and the strangers had gone viral. They were all over Telegram and some adult websites. Those who saw them and knew me started asking if I was really the one.
This made me sink into depression.

My mom contacted me and told me she had a solution.
Mugwenu Doctors come to the rescue
She had contacted Mugwenu Doctors. She took me to their office, where I was purged and cleansed. They cast on me white magic spells that drove away the stubborn evil spirit that was making me a slave to the evil world.
I was healed. It is now one year since I buried the dark side of me. At work, I got a promotion to senior editor. Thank God, despite all my shenanigans, I did not lose focus at work, and I was firing from all cylinders.

I am now whole again, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors and their white magic spells that cleansed my life and gave me direction.

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