Villagers in Kirinyaga Count Loses After Using Stolen Fertilizer In Their Rice Farms, Their Plants Start Drying Up as Rains Continues

A section of Kirinyaga residents are counting loses after buying and using fertilizer which was stolen as new details emerge.

Speaking, the section of residents of Mwea in Kirinyaga have informed that three weeks ago unknown persons came at Ngurubani town distributing fertilizers at a very cheap price and happily over 20 farmers allegedly benefitted.

However the proverb that says cheap is expensive has come to hunt the 20 after their rice farms dried up mysteriously as of Thursday.

After sleuths, It has been established that the fertilizer had been stolen from one of the stores owned by a tycoon in Kiambu county and that he had already sought the help of Dr Mugwenu a traditional Doctor to help him recover or punish anyone who touched the fertilizer.

Although, the robbery has even affected the innocent, it should serve as a lesson to those who rush for the cheap without thinking from where the product could have come from.

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