"Everyone I Love Outside Marriage Dies" Kenyan Man Reveals Why He Will Never Cheat on His Wife After What Happened

"Cheating in marriage is the last thing I can ever think of, past disturbing experiences in cheating have taught me how to love, cherish and adore my wife" A man says.

A cheating partner deserves no love, but when they change, love always wins. This is a problem that has since been affecting so many marriages. Couples in the world today are filled with their personal motives, like sexual desires, others money and others are just immoral, which lands them to cheating.

Nathan like other cheating men, learned the hard way from his cheating experience. Despite being in marriage only for three years and blessed with a bouncing baby boy, still he found a way to cheat on his beautiful glowing youthful wife.

“Actully until today, I have never discovered what transpired to my cheating ways. There was this lady who got into my mind. Each time I saw her, I always got confused. I opted for a secret relationship with her, but things ended up being worse for me,” Nathan says.

Without even getting to know if she was another man's wife, Nathan went on with his agenda. They would meet on the weekends, to do their thing. But after occasionally Nathan failed completely failed to walk. A gigantic swelling developed around his genital area. It was huge to a point he had to walk with a towel. Funny enough, no doctor at any hospital knew what he was ailing from.
“Things were miserable. After a time, I realized the lady was another man's wife. Without hesitation, I had to meet her husband and apologized which was indeed hard. I got a thorough beating to the extent of my right arm broke. I had to pay a fine of sh 95,000 which I bargained to 80,000 to get the spells reversed by Dr. Mugwenu as my mistress husband said was the herbal man behind the dreadful spell,” Nathan says.

The experience alone acted as a warning to him. He not only became ashamed of his deeds but also stigmatized. The good thing is that his wife still supported him despite the mess he had got himself into.
“Any man out there who thinks cheating is for heroins, then you're wrong. Keep that cheating energy to love your dear wife. I learned the hard way. Be warned that someone's else wife is a no-go zone," Nathan says.

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