[VIDEO] Embarrassing Midnight Dealings Lands a House Help in Trouble Within Nyayo Estates As The Boss Speaks the Truth

There are embarrassing moments, then there are those that are both stupid and clumsy. Usually, one lies to themselves that no one will find out. That this can, and will, go on forever. Your partner will remain in the dark, because you have found a way to block the sun from reaching them. That you are just too smart to let the cat out of the bag, even for a small bite of a snack.

Meshack was sure his cheating with a house help belonging to his neighbor Thomas will go unnoticed. He had devised the perfect camouflage and the perfect cat calls to inform her of his imminent arrival. But despite all that.....CONTINUE READING

"Men will be men, just as cockroaches shall always walk on fours" he plunged knife after knife....CONTINUE READING